Using Light Energy to Create Good Feng Shui Vibes in Your Home

Here are some suggestions for balancing color and light using Feng Shui for your home's indoor lighting. Source: Houzz

Feng Shui refers to a collection of Chinese practices used to position both buildings and their contents so as to ensure auspicious results. Given that light is considered to be a powerful example of Yang, it should come as no surprise to learn that it has an important role in maintaining the balance between Yin and Yang. Here are some suggestions for … [Read more...]

Various Uses for Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

When deciding on your home’s lighting scheme, be sure not to overlook your outdoor lighting. Believe it or not, but your outdoor lighting is just as important as your indoor lighting. The following are some of the uses that you have to keep in mind when planning your outdoor lighting scheme: Safety – You’ll need to be able to see where … [Read more...]

Classic Chandelier Designs for Your Home

bubble chandelier

If you’re looking for light fixtures that will make a big statement in your home’s interior design, then you can’t go wrong with a chandelier. The following are a few examples of how you can use classic chandeliers in your design: The breakfast nook – Chandeliers don’t have to be limited to the dining room – they can be used almost anywhere … [Read more...]