How To Accent Your Artwork with Lights

art lighting

The lighting in your home is much more than just task lighting and general lighting. It should also be used to accent some of your most valuable décor. In fact, without proper accent lighting, your interior design can look quite dull. If you’re looking to accent the artwork in your home using light, be sure to use these following tips: Don’t use … [Read more...]

Selecting The Right Chandelier for your Baby Nursery


Chandeliers are a great way to really add some ambience to a room, in terms of the lighting as well as the fixture itself. However, before choosing a chandelier, you really have to think about the space you’re using it in. For example, if you’re considering using a chandelier in the nursery (and why not?), then an opulent crystal chandelier probably … [Read more...]

Holiday Party Lighting Tips

party lighting

The holidays aren’t far off, which means that you’ve probably already got one eye towards planning a few holiday parties. In addition to sprucing up some of your décor to fall in line with the holiday theme, you’ll want to light for the occasion as well. The following are some party lighting tips to keep in mind: Candle Lights – A great way … [Read more...]