6 Ways To Repurpose Light Bulbs

Here are some terrific ideas on how to repurpose your old light bulbs.  Source: Flickr

Most people just toss their old light bulbs into the trash after they’ve replaced them. But this isn’t exactly an environmentally-friendly action. So why not take those light bulbs and repurpose them? The following are 6 unique options for repurposing light bulbs: Candy jars – Use light bulbs to hold your candies. This also provides you with a … [Read more...]

Use A Chandelier To Make Your Foyer Stand Out From The Rest

Find the perfect chandelier for your home here at the Lighting Innovations showroom.

Chandeliers bring life into any room, and whether they are large or small, no room is complete without one. When it comes to chandeliers for foyers, the following are ones you'll want to look at. A large foyer needs a large chandelier. That's why many of our customers love the 20 light, dual mount chandelier we have available. Paired with matching … [Read more...]

Come See Light Innovations’ Showroom

Experience the Light Innovations showroom and discover the perfect lighting solutions for your home.

Searching for the perfect light for your home? Maybe you're looking for a chandelier, a wall sconce, or maybe even just a simple table lamp. Because our client's needs and requirements can vary greatly, we've done our best to make the Light Innovations showroom as easy to navigate as possible. From floor to ceiling, we've got you covered. Plus, we've made … [Read more...]