Ideas to Free the Chandelier In Your Home

Unique ways to hang chandeliers

Typically, the chandelier is a large fixture that hangs in your foyer or your dining room. But you shouldn’t be restricted by interior design standards of the past! The following are a few unique ways to hang chandeliers that you should consider: Rustic Living Room by Bozeman Architects & Building Designers Locati Architects via Houzz A small … [Read more...]

Home Lighting Ideas to Keep Your Home Looking Chic

Chic lighting tips

Your home lighting scheme isn’t only vital in making your home functional to use – it also plays a huge part in how effective your interior design is. The following are a few home lighting ideas that will help make your home look slightly more chic: Statement Fixture – Pick out a lighting fixture that really draws attention to itself, like a … [Read more...]

Want to Make a Statement With Your Lighting? Try a Globe Fixture

Globe lighting fixtures

If you’re looking to make a design statement in a particular space in the home, then look no further than your light fixtures. Your light fixtures are a fantastic way to make a bold statement. For example, globe lighting fixtures are certain to draw the eye! The following are a few different globe lighting fixtures that will help you make a bold … [Read more...]