Home Lighting Ideas to Keep Your Home Looking Chic

Chic lighting tips

Your home lighting scheme isn’t only vital in making your home functional to use – it also plays a huge part in how effective your interior design is. The following are a few home lighting ideas that will help make your home look slightly more chic: Statement Fixture – Pick out a lighting fixture that really draws attention to itself, like a … [Read more...]

Want to Make a Statement With Your Lighting? Try a Globe Fixture

Globe lighting fixtures

If you’re looking to make a design statement in a particular space in the home, then look no further than your light fixtures. Your light fixtures are a fantastic way to make a bold statement. For example, globe lighting fixtures are certain to draw the eye! The following are a few different globe lighting fixtures that will help you make a bold … [Read more...]

2014′s Top Trends for Kitchen Lighting

kitchen lighting tips

While the lighting in your kitchen is incredibly important in terms of how your kitchen functions, there’s no reason why you can’t introduce a little style into the kitchen’s lighting as well. Take inspiration by some of these kitchen lighting trends gaining traction this year: Chandelier pendants – Instead of hanging a pair of normal … [Read more...]