Best Lighting Options for your Closet Space

closet lighting

Building a walk-in closet can be incredibly helpful if you have a lot of clothing, shoes and accessories that you need to store. Sometimes a walk-in closet might even be necessary in order to keep everything organized. However, a walk-in closet is not going to work as well if the lighting is poor. Proper closet lighting is incredibly important to its … [Read more...]

Lighting Options Beneficial for Aging Eyes

aging eyes

If you plan on aging in place in your home, then one of the things you’ll want to consider when planning out your lighting scheme is universal design. This means using lighting options that will benefit the gradual worsening of eyesight as you grow older. The following are a few of the things you should keep in mind: More light – As you grow … [Read more...]

Light Up Your Driveway with these Ideas


While many homeowners realize the importance of their outdoor lighting, they don’t tend to put much thought into the lighting of their driveway. The following are a few ideas to light your driveway up better in order to improve both function and style: Entrance light – A great way to mark the entrance to your home’s driveway is to put up a … [Read more...]